Quality & Environmental policy

Our quality approach: satisfy our customers with reliable, robust solutions and equipment.
Quality is an ongoing concern at all stages of our processes. The quality management system applies to the design, development, manufacture, repair, maintenance and technical support of our equipment.


The group holds navigability, quality and environmental approvals.

We are certified according to EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PART 21G, PART 145, FAR 145, FRA 21G, FRA 21Z and FRA 145.

Environmental policy

“With key objectives in environmental protection for future generations, the group acts as a responsible industrialist.”

Bruno Berthet
Executive Chairman

We are committed to a continuous improvement approach and the deployment of an environmental management system at our sites.

An economical and ecologically respectful industry to address the environmental challenges; an industry which places people at the heart of its concerns to respect societal expectations; an efficient, innovative industry to address the challenges of competitiveness and competition; a collaborative, supportive industry to assist the regions and subsidiaries; and lastly, a strategic industry to best satisfy the expectations of our customers.