Fuel tanks

ARESIA design and manufacture fully qualified structural tanks and internal auxiliary tank solutions to be fitted into cargo compartments or fuselage sections of extended range commercial aircraft, biz-jets, surveillance aircraft, and helicopters.

ARESIA has the capacity to industrialize and produce tanks according to the definition and specifications of its customers.

Auxiliary and Structural Fuel Tank

Auxiliary fuel tanks

Based on the patented ISOCELL® technology, our tanks used with an internal flexible rubber fuel cell can provide double wall fuel tanks with an optimized «weight / liter of usable fuel» ratio. Riveted sheet metal equipment mainly made of aluminium alloy.

Operational and qualified: EMBRAER 145, CARACAL

Structural fuel tanks

These tanks are located outside the pressurized section of the fuselage. The external shape, generally complex, conforms to the shape of the aircraft. Aircraft platform could be customized thanks to our removable equipment, which could be reviewed depending on the requested range.

Hydraulic Tanks


Our long experience in sheet metal work and welding allows us to offer our expertise in hydraulic tank business, used to feed brake and flight control systems (flaps, rudders, etc.) for commercial aircraft.

ARESIA designs and manufactures reservoirs for hydraulic fluid (Skydroll) in titanium for the Falcon 10X and in aluminum for the A330 (tank assembled in the aircraft).

We have the capacity to build small tanks and tanks with an integration system.

Operational and qualified: A330 Program, Falcon 10X, GULFSTREAM G200