Legals Informations

ARESIA is a SAS company with a capital of 1 000 000,00 €, registered 13 avenue Marcelin Berthelot, at VILLENEUVE LA GARENNE (92390) under number 572 199 743 at the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry.
Publication director: Bruno BERTHET,

The ARESIA website is hosted by EOXIA, a limited liability company with a capital of 8000 euros, headquartered at 49B avenue du pont Juvenal, in Montpellier (FR. 34000) under number 453629404.
Phone : 0411930021

Content: Information provided on this website is provided for information purpose only. Accordingly, ARESIA does not guarantee the accuracy nor the reliability of the information contained herein.
Therefore, and with the exception of any serious or intentional negligence, ARESIA waives any liability for any damage, which may result from inaccuracy of the information available on ARESIA site, nor any damage resulting from third party fraudulent intrusion with the intention to damage the interests or ARESIA’s image, in particular by misrepresenting information shared on the site.

Likewise, ARESIA cannot be held liable for any damage or virus that could damage or render unusable your computer equipment linked to the surfing on our website.
The general structure, together with texts, still or animated images, sounds, graphic elements, downloadable documents, databases and any other element constituting the website are the exclusive property of ARESIA.
The whole website falls under French and international law on copyright and intellectual property. Names, trademarks and brands quoted in this website are the property of their respective owners. Any use or reproduction, in full or partial, of the website, the elements constituting it and/or information which figure in it, by whatever means, is constitutive of a counterfeit punishable under the intellectual property Code.
Notwithstanding, the information in this website can be used by third parties under the following conditions: all information broadcasted directly on the website by ARESIA, except for iconography, pictures, videos, logos and brands, shall be reproduced, represented or rebroadcasted to third parties after a simple notice to the webmaster, under the condition that the source is mentioned. However, they shall not be used for commercial or advertising purposes. ARESIA holds the possibility, at any time, without prior notice and without having to motivate its decision, to forbid the use of the information as defined above by the relevant third parties. In such a case, it shall inform the relevant third parties which shall bring the use to an end within 8 working days.
ARESIA and its logo are registered trademarks and protected thereof by the trademarks legislation. They are the exclusive property of ARESIA. All other quoted trademarks belong to their exclusive owners.

Hypertext links

ARESIA authorizes any website to establish a link directing to the URL after a simple notice to the publication director. Any such links shall be activated nonetheless in accordance with the existing laws. ARESIA holds the possibility, at any time, without prior notice and without having to motivate its decision, to forbid such a link. In such a case, it shall inform the relevant third parties which shall bring the link to an end within 2 working days.

Mirroring forbidding

No online publication of the website by a third party under another URL is authorized.

Applicable law

The present use conditions fall under French law even though the site and its content are indented for access and use by residents all over the world. In the event of discrepancy in information contained in the French language version of the site and information contained in a translated version, the French language shall prevail. In case of litigation, French courts shall be the only competent ones.

Informations on cookies

A cookie is a file that the visited site stores on the computer or any peripheral used to browse the Internet, in order, for example, to send session information for each page visited, or to record that a particular page has been accessed. Purpose is to optimize browsing in terms of convenience, pertinence and efficiency.
The information is stored in the cookie for an unlimited period of time. It is anonymous and related to the pages visited and the tome spent on each page, the means used for browsing (operating system, browser resolution etc.) the searches made and the IP address, to make rough grouping by geographical area for instance. A module for managing cookie storage is available on ARESIA Website.

Email confidentiality

For any email message addressed to ARESIA, it is important to notice that :
• The privacy of messages transmitted through the Internet is not guaranteed
• email messages are retained in a computerised medium for at least the time needed to send
you a response or process your request.

Nominative information

The website, as it has been initially devised, does not have the purpose to collect personal data on visitors.


To process someone’s personal data, the user shall agree to the present information statement on personal data by ticking the box on the form used to create the account for the contact form. Said user, undertakes to provide complete, accurate and legitimate information to ARESIA.
Please ensure having read and understood the present statement before creating an account.
Data collected are only meant to be used by ARESIA or its subcontractors for the purpose of their missions (web hosting company).
Therefore, any subcontractor, which may, during its mission be exposed to the collected data, shall be subject to respect its confidentiality and to comply with the privacy policy. It shall especially refrain from using for its own account or communicate to third parties all or part of the personal data.

Access and correction right

In this website, visitors may be brought to communicate personal data which may be subject to automated processing. Should this be the case, people about whom personal data is collected have the right to access, modify, correct, limit, or exercise their portability rights or also delete such data. This right may be exercised through writing to data protection officer :
The present statement may be updated by Aresia taking into account legal and regulatory requirements; users will be informed accordingly.
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Besides, when data present on this website have is nominative, visitors must use it in accordance with existing rules and CNIL recommendations.


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