ARESIA designs, develops and produces mission equipment for the defense aeronautical sector. We are specialists in carriage and ejection systems, jettisonable fuel tanks, support and training systems.

The breadth of our technologies enables us to meet the needs of the entire mission implementation chain from the cockpit to mission training and support.

Thanks to our modular design techniques, we can customize all our equipment to the customer’s requirements.

Our cutting-edge equipment is used in over 65 countries on over 100 types of aircraft (fighter planes, helicopters, training aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft, UAVs, etc.): RAFALE, MIRAGE 2000, Alpha-Jet, GRIPEN, ATL2, SUPER TUCANO, NH90, BLACK HAWK, H225, H145, AH64, Bell 429, EC120, A330, A321, CN235, ATR72, Patroller UAV, etc.


All stores to be jettisoned, launched, carried or ejected fall under our expertise, including weapons, sonobuoy launchers, torpedoes and decoys.
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Equipments for helicopters

All our equipment for military helicopters follows aeronautical standards: release units, multi-role carrier, cargo hooks, beams. Light release units The […]
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Air mission systems

ARESIA develops and produces different air mission systems: pod, sonobuoy launchers, decoy and counter-measure launchers.
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Embedded electronics

ARESIA designs and produces custom-made embedded electronic systems used in military programs.
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Training solutions

ARESIA designs and produces live-fire training systems for the armed forces incorporating real-time restitution systems and radar solutions.
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Radar reflector

Solution-radar Luneberg lens
ARESIA manufactures products based on the Luneburg lens for the production of passive radar reflectors and antenna. We develop active […]
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Ground equipment

ARESIA conçoit et développe un grand nombre de chariots, treuils et bancs d’essais standards adaptés selon les spécifications et les […]
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External tanks

ARESIA develops jettisonable external fuel tanks: design, qualification, prototyping and series production.
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Fasteners, distribution & sealing

ARESIA is specialized in aeronautical fastener solutions: screws from blueprints, standard screws obtained by bar turning and/or die-stamping.
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Heat treatment

Heat treatment, destructive and non destructive testing in metals and alloys processing. A full range of innovative solutions including made […]
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Services & MCO

ARESIA has set up a dedicated structure to respond to support and maintenance needs guaranteeing a 24/7 AOG response. A […]
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