Embedded electronics

ARESIA designs and produces custom-made embedded electronic systems used in military programs.

Store management systems (SMS)


ARESIA develops a full range of certified electronic equipment which adapts to all types of aircraft.

This equipment manages, communicates and transmits information to the weapons and sonobuoy launchers. Operational on CN 235, C295, ATR 72, DASH-8.

Radio modules, embedded systems & restitution platforms


ARESIA designs and develops radio modules, embedded systems and platforms for the real-time restitution of firing results or GPS positioning information.

To best meet the needs of our customers, we design highly resistant electronics capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of the aeronautical and defense sector: load factors, high temperatures, presence of magnetic fields, vibrations, etc.

We supply our customers and partners with cutting-edge electronic boards and software.

  • Real-time data acquisition and transmission
  • Optimization of the positioning of acoustic sensors
  • Autopilot-MDI system
  • Software and data display systems

Active radar reflectors


Our light-weight, compact, active radar reflector ARES (Active Radar Echo Simulator) is easily integrated into a wide range of aerial, land and naval targets, particularly for military training in radar-guided firing.

It enables the simulation of a Radar Cross-Section (RCS) configurable by the user in terms of gain, Doppler and signature.

This equipment is used for the control and calibration of radars and also for operator training.

Complex systems


ARESIA designs and manufactures complex embedded electronic systems for specific applications, particularly for data management on the new functions of the French AWACS, and for stores management systems (SMS) for fighter planes and helicopters.

  • Complete Hardware and Software systems (DO254 / DO178C)
  • Full integration (harness, integration tests, systems test benches)
  • Environment qualification (vibrations, accelerations, shocks, EMC, reliability analyses, etc.)

Harnesses & cables


We provide harnesses and cables designed for specific applications.